Hello, I'm Theano - Welcome to TheaXessorize

Hello, I'm Theano - Welcome to TheaXessorize
♥♥ "Keep Creating.Crafting.Blogging.Smiling.Loving'" ♥♥

My DJ and I


Happy Moments for your Wedding, Christening, Engagement or just any Fun Party:

What I love most... ♥

Love my Cyprus Jewellery Bijoux and Cyprus Handmade Jewellery by The_aXessorize
Create.Craft.Blog.Love = a very happy me!
Welcome to my World & enjoy Reading, Creating, Smiling, with a girl from Cyprus who cannot get enough of her handmade jewellery (handmade in Cyprus of course!) who loves her family and her bijoux, accessories and shoes and fashion and clothes, oh and a lovely walk on the beach :) and who smiles a lot... and I mean a lot :)
Warm Wishes from Sunny Cyprus - the island of Aphrodite
x x
"Keep on Blogging Smiling Creating and spreading
Love" - The_aXessorize

 "Do What You Love, Love What You Do" ♥

She loves her life and what she is! What is she? She is an artist, a creator, a jewelry designer, a shoe embellisher! Theano loves what she does! What does she do? She loves to create handmade jewelry faux bijoux, sandals and crafts. She loves every moment of when she takes her findings and materials and creates them into an adornment, a unique and completed jewelry design, a pretty pair of summer sandals, or floral lace flats. What started from a fun hobby, turned her whole world around when she discovered that this is what made her happy, her jewelry creations became part of her everyday living and breathing. And that is when she realized that if what you do makes you happy then that is where you should be. Creating Unique Designs for Unique Tastes. Custom Designs, Retail and Wholesale Creations at your doorstep. If you like what you see don't hesitate to get in touch with her. Her all time favorites are Custom Designs, making her Clients dreams come true is what matters most to her; this is her greatest achievement and highest reward, its what makes her smile from cheek to cheek and her heart flutter.
So what do you call someone who loves what they do? What do you call someone who loves to create handmade jewelry? The answer is simple, "Do What You Love, Love What You Do"... And Theano is just that! ( in her own words " a doin' lovin' and a lovin' doin'"

♥ "Keep Blogging.Creating.Smiling.Loving'" ♥
From Cyprus with love, Thank You xx
The_aXessorize ♥

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