Hello, I'm Theano - Welcome to TheaXessorize

Hello, I'm Theano - Welcome to TheaXessorize
♥♥ "Keep Creating.Crafting.Blogging.Smiling.Loving'" ♥♥

Thursday, 3 April 2014

This is so exciting!

Good Morning from the beautiful Sunny island of Cyprus!
Today I am so excited because I have just finished setting up My Etsy Shop ! Woohoo! I have only listed a few items, but I am getting there and planning soon on having a lot more on :)
I have also discovered how to add it to My Facebook Page
Although The_aXessorize has been around for quite a number of years, we have just recently decided to add it to Etsy and to Our Facebook Page
My dear fellow bloggers and friends, if you make handmade products and haven't already joined Etsy, then I highly recommend it! Plus you can easily find an App on Facebook to add your Store to your Facebook Page. It is so easy to do and so much fun! Check my one out HERE and there is a link on the page to open your own store.
Although I have been very busy with various custom orders of my Handmade Jewelry (ordered by some very lovely ladies - frequent friends! All my lovely clients are my friends because that is how I see them! xoxo love you girls and love how my accessories look on you!), I finally got some time out of my break to complete this and I am so thrilled that I wanted to share it with you!

Here are some of my Creations featured on my page:

Please feel free to have a look, I absolutely love making new friends! Feel free to like or add me :) Here are the links again:

The_aXessorize Facebook Page

The_aXessorize Etsy Shop on Facebook

The_aXessorize Etsy Shop Online

Till next time, have a fabulous blessed Thursday!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Pricing on your Products & Tips on Handling Pitfalls

Now this is a topic which interests every Creator, Designer and alike out there. Every time we create something we love (as much as we don't want to part with it we do it because we want to share the love of what we create),a lot of us have difficulties in choosing our prices.  But we got the creative side to ourselves and it does help pay the bills, so selling isn't a bad thing. Although we must be careful that our prices are set right, both to us and to the market.

Now this article from +Etsy (thank you Julie!) I found so interesting and straight to the point and I must say extremely helpful! I have nothing else to say as this is a must read for everyone who wants to sell their handmade products on +Etsy or anywhere else, so here it is... http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2014/4-ways-to-conquer-pricing-pitfalls/

Soft Spring Palette ♥

I don't know about you, but I am so excited that Spring has finally arrived!
Lots of fabulous colors and new designs to try out, from dresses to skirts to sandals and open heels! I especially love the new colors that are in this year, the soft Spring palette colors...
Here is a small collection I created and hope you enjoy yellow and blues !


Blazer (see more blue blazers)

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Sutra Micro Mini Leather Crossbody Bag

Rolex watch

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

E-Book lovers ♥

~ please note that this is an affiliate post ~
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Do you love e-books, inspiration and creativity?
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Friday, 7 March 2014

it's Friday already! ♥♥

Hey Hey Good Morning from sunny Cyprus!!!! Hardly got any sleep last night but a quick shower & a hot cuppa strong dark coffee will definitely get me wide awake and up & about for today's chores!!

Wishing all my followers & friends a splendid Friday (yes, its Friday already here!!)and have fun whatever you do!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

hello March ♥

Hello everyone from the lovely island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean!

Today we welcome March with all its pretty flowers and looking forward to warmer days in our lives and our hearts ♥ Flowers are blooming everywhere and people are in a happy mood - We love March because it means the beginning of Spring!

♥ a few pretty flowers blooming now in Cyprus ♥

Cyprus has so many things to do and places to visit! This weekend we have our Carnival, with celebrations and parties island-wide!
hmmm, maybe I'll be a little devil this year ;)

Got lots to do, so I'll leave you today with lots of  warm Cyprus wishes and may March be kind to all of us ♥

Wednesday, 26 February 2014



Hello my dear friends! This is a problem I came by lately, and thought it would be a good idea to help others in my position (that would be 1st- time bloggers and newbies). After searching the web for ages and because I couldn’t find a solution other than codes and such which I really couldn’t understand (I am so new to this!!), I hope my easy-to-go-by step-by-step GUIDE will be of help :)

1)    Start your new post as normal
Do this by going to DESIGN, then POST on your blogger blog (or just clicking on NEW POST on the top right hand side of your BLOG) ........

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Black-Rose Necklace Hand-Made by TheaXessorize

Just love this hand-made Vintage Style Black Rose Necklace, attached with a dark silver plated chain with adjustable length - the perfect touch up to that little black dress!

Rain Rain go away!

What a day today! :) We decided to spend some time with my lovely parents Costa & Sophie in Paphos, and it is pouring with rain! Suddenly Sunny Cyprus has turned into cold and rainy Cyprus! I personally think that the weather is confused... its supposed to be turning into Spring, not the other way round!

Its Tasty Tuesday time now, getting dark and a treat of home-made by Mama Sophie apple cake with hot freshly made custard cream is the best medicine in cold weather... Sitting by the fireplace and enjoying the last days of winter to the full!!
Yummy Home-Made Apple Cake with Custard Cream by Mama Sophie... soon on mama's blog